Facility Membership

Facility Membership



  • PLAN your training leveraging all the facility resources.
  • TRAIN your plan – on your own, with a buddy or a coach.
  • BECOME the player you want to be, just 1% better each session.

“I can reserve a cage, use the arm cage pitching tunnel and use the weight room at no additional rental fees or cost?”

– Carson High School baseball player

Yes! Facility Members can come in and use any available facility resource; cages, tees, baseballs, plyo care balls, heavy balls, throwing sleeves, bands, fielding training gloves, and more still coming. The facility is for players to come, use and TRAIN.”


Six (6) Cages are 70 ft. long with pitching mounds.
Six (6) Cages are 40 ft. long, hitting cages.

All divider nets can be pulled back to turn 2 cages into 1 wide cage – or – 6 cages into one large open area for fielding, catching, live hitting and/or speed-agility training.

Every cage is equipped with a hitting mat and Valle Shield protective screens.

One includes professional grade dirt pitching mound.

The other pitching tunnel includes 12 bands stations complete with Jaeger bands (Youth and Regular).

Lined with concrete walls – this pitching tunnel is great for heavy ball throws, medicine ball toss/throws and plyo ball work.

Target throwing with baseballs, heavy balls and under load balls, as well as jump boxes to complete the full workout.

Towel pop boards, wood planks, metal planks, throwing sleeves, and connection balls – get yourself a great workout to not only keep your arm in shape, but also build up.

Each cages has one (1) Valle Shield Black protective screen. The Valle Shield keeps the batter SAFE with the patented design that contains a “Front Hanging Net”.

Each Valle Shield has a side ‘Wing’ and Ball Holder.
– The Wing allows the screen to be set up for right / left handed throwers without have to ‘spin’ the protective screen around.
– The ball holders are capable of holding upwards of 70 baseballs.

If you’ve done any kind of tee work for hitting, you know Tanner Tees are the best tees to use. Durable and easy to adjust or move so you can work on all types of pitches.

TAP training balls, core training equipment – various throwing and hitting targets.

Resistance bands, hurdles, weighted vest, slide board, medicine balls, wall balls and slam balls.

Yes. Baseballs … lots of baseballs. Buckets with 60 baseballs waiting for you when you check in.

After you check-in at the desk, our staff will assign you a cage to use, with a bucket of balls and a Tanner tee.

Equipped with top of the line American Barbell racks, weights and much more. From amateur (youth, high school, college) to professional ball players, our weight room provides everything for players to improve their game.

The best part of the weight room for any player – is the convenience – come in and get your lift in, then hit the cages (literally).

Jaeger Sports J-Bands are the leading product and program for developing arm strength and arm health.

Not only are the J-Bands available with wall hooks – the J-Bands Exercise Banner is posted in that area so you can do these on your own.

The Axe Bat Speed Trainers give you a proven hitting system with all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve better mechanics, higher exit speeds, and more barrel control, right out of the box.

Example of 33″ Bats

  • Overload, handleload Axe Bat Speed Trainer, 2-5/8” barrel, with red tip (+20% overload/33”/36 oz.)
  • Overload, endload Axe Bat Speed Trainer, 2-5/8” barrel, with green tip (+20% overload/33”/36 oz.)
  • Underload Axe Bat Speed Trainer, 2-5/8” barrel, with blue tip (-20% underload/33”/24 oz.)

Driveline Hitting PlyoCare (or “hitting plyos”) balls help athletes evaluate their swing path and give instant feedback on the quality of their contact. The slight overload of the balls allows the hitter to be strong through contact with the ball. Hitting PlyoCare balls are built to be hit everyday. The extra air in the ball gives on contact to protect metal bats.

  • Improve barrel control and stay strong through point of contact
  • Inflation allows for immediate feedback on quality of contact
  • Durable PVC shell designed built to be used every day
  • 4 different weights create a different stimulus at impact


4 different weights to vary and progress your training:

  • Navy Blue: 350g
  • Royal Blue: 300g
  • Sky Blue: 250g
  • White: 200g

Not only are these 3-wheel pitching machines extremely accurate and consistent – they are extremely versatile.

At short distances, speeds are able to simulate 90+mph in a shorter decision window.

Get to use with catching drills – not just at the catcher position, but also using with first base, third base and middle infielders.

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