In order to maintain and provide the premier baseball and softball training facility – we expect all athletes and observers to fully understand and comply with the rules and regulations on this page.

  1. Anyone entering the facility must be a member of the Elite Five Tool Fit (EFTF) unless prior specific authorization is granted.
  2. Helmets must be worn by all hitters entering the batting cages. If a hitter is seen without a helmet, there is a $75 facility fee and the account will be charged immediately.
  3. Anyone throwing batting practice and/or pitching to batters must situate themselves behind a protective screen(s).
  4. Anyone participating in batting cage/pitching activity releases the EFTF from any and all liability that results from their actions, the actions of any other persons in the facility, or their use of the equipment or facility.
  5. Member cage use: A maximum of two (2) people are allowed in any batting station at any time. These two people would be (a) a batter wearing a batting helmet and (b) a pitcher throwing behind the protective screen(s). If there are more than 2 people using the cage, the account will be charged $25 facility access day pass for each additional guest.
  6. Any person entering the facility is expected to use common sense and maintain a proper lookout for their own safety.
  7. EFTF is a membership based facility. Members must check-in at the sign-in desk before using any cages. Please be considerate of other members waiting to use the facility.
  8. Equipment is not to be opened or fixed under any circumstances by anyone other than EFTF representatives or authorized persons unless specifically allowed by EFTF. Anyone touching any equipment without prior specific authorization from EFTF shall be liable for any resulting damage to the machine, facility, or persons.
  9. No person may enter or participate in any activity in or upon the training area without first having submitted a signed waiver on a form approved by EFTF.
  10. EFTF is not responsible for lost or misplaced personal property. Please keep track of your equipment and belongings.
  11. Video of training sessions is NOT allowed, unless prior specific authorization is granted from Elite Five Tool Fit (EFTF) representative or authorized persons.
  12. EFTF memberships are individual memberships and do not cover siblings or families. Each player needs their own account/membership. (We offer sibling discounts – please reach out to Katy at [email protected] for all sibling/family discounts).
  1. Only WATER is allowed, however, all other drinks and food are prohibited due to potential damage to artificial turf.
  2. No gum or sunflower seeds may be chewed while in the EFTF facility.
  3. No cigarettes or other tobacco products may be brought into the EFTF facility.
  1. Sneakers and turf shoes are the ONLY footwear items permitted in the training area.
  2. No metal or molded cleats are allowed. Each person violating this rule shall be responsible for all resulting damage.
  1. No person shall pull, hang onto or harm any of the netting in the batting cages and/or surrounding the training area.
  2. Horseplay or inappropriate behavior is not tolerated and may result in immediate expulsion from EFTF. In such an event any fees paid to EFTF are forfeited by the offending member.
  3. No throwing balls outside of the caged area.
  4. No SPITTING is permitted within the indoor portion of EFTF.
  5. No pine tar is to be used inside the facility.
  6. Place trash in appropriate receptacles.
  7. RESPECT the facility. Leave things better than you found them!