About us

Elite Five Tool Fit is a year round strength and skills integrated training program focusing on baseball/softball player development. Our group classes are designed specifically to improve or enhance the five tools necessary for successful baseball and softball players.

The five tools that all coaches (select, high school, college and professional) look for in finding talented players are Arm Strength, Speed, Fielding, Hitting for Power, and Hitting for Average.

Elite Five Tool Fit program will provide high quality reps, proper muscle memory movement skills, and explosive strength training exercises to maximize the athlete’s genetic potential for baseball and softball.


Paul Ahearne wanted to improve youth and high school baseball and softball players by providing a unique player development program. Players and parents need to recognize what areas to focus on to be able to reach full genetic athletic potential.

For players to achieve this they must commit to deliberate practice on a daily basis. Many athletes today think they get enough work at team practice or during a weekly lesson. For players to develop properly it will take countless training hours to develop the 5-tools.

Paul’s past experiences of playing college and professional baseball, coaching high school and select baseball, pitching velocity arm/care clinics, specific camps (hitting, fielding, catching, pitching), and one-on-one lessons led them to offer a very unique specialized program – Elite Five Tool Fit!